Final Confirmation Tab: Data Confirmation Process

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    The final data confirmation tab allows you to review your data and make sure everything looks accurate and complete before submitting it. 

    Navigating between tabs

    You'll see a message on the Final Data Confirmation tab that asks you to take a moment to review the information you submitted in the previous tabs to ensure accuracy. You can go back and look at your previous work by clicking on the tabs.

    Final Data Confirmation Tab - Navigating

    Once you have reviewed your work, click "Finish and Submit" to complete the data confirmation process.

    Finish & Submit Button

    All of the tabs will have check marks and you will see a confirmation message that states you completed the process.

    Check Marks

    Confirmation Message

    You have now completed the data confirmation process. Thank you so much for your time and help as this is an important part of ensuring your student has a successful high school year. You should now be able to access other parts of your Aeries Parent Portal. 

    If you navigate away from the data confirmation process and want to navigate back (to confirm you definitely submitted it) you can find it by:

    1. Locating Student Info in your menu
    2. Clicking on Data Confirmation from the drop-down menu

    Your work should be saved so that you can easily see your confirmation of data completion. 

  • You can find a video walkthrough for the data confirmation series below:

Walkthrough Information

  • Hanford High School

  • Hanford West High School

  • Sierra Pacific High School

  • Earl F. Johnson School

  • Community Day School