LCAP Federal Addendum

  • HJUHSD uses federal funds to supplement and enhance actions and services funded with state funds that are designed to provide and support an equitable education for all students to meet the state academic standards, as reflected in our LCAP. HJUHSD allocates Title I funds by area of most need, focusing use on our most at-risk students. Our theory of action is that by providing more intensive support to low-income and English Learners we can prepare students to meet state academic standards in order to ensure success in college and career. 

    HJUHSD believes the most effective use of Title I funds is to invest in the teachers, tools, and support so they can most effectively instruct our students. Currently, we are providing 2 Academic Coaches that support classroom instruction, utilizing the most current research classroom-based instructional strategies as well as structures that develop a climate where all students learn. The Academic Coaches work primarily with new teachers, teachers of English Learners, and Intervention Math and English classes. 

    HJUHSD recognized that there is and has been a discrepancy between like courses and what students are being taught and because of this much time, energy, and effort has been placed on creating an equitable educational climate for all students. We have begun this work through the identification of Essential Standards, Common Formative Assessments, and Common Pacing. The product of this work is a Response to Intervention period during the school day for students needing intervention as well as time for extension. 

    In addition to creating, supporting, and developing an equitable educational environment HJUHSD is striving to foster a school culture that is rooted in communication and mutual respect, both for staff and students. HJUHSD has implemented a Restorative Justice model in order to provide students a positive school climate. We continue to evaluate, enhance, and alter what we are doing so that all of our students have a voice. 

    To read the rest of the current HJUHSD LCAP Federal Addendum, check out the document below! If you have trouble accessing the file below you can find it here

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  • When you think of the best pairings you may think of peanut butter & jelly or spaghetti & meatballs but another great pairing is the LCAP and the LCAP Federal Addendum! The LCAP Federal Addendum supplements the LCAP to help ensure we meet the provisions of ESSA. You can read the LCAP  by visiting this webpage which is dedicated to the LCAP. 

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