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HJUHSD Reopening Plan - Plan B, Hybrid Model

  • HJUHSD Reopening Plan - Plan B, Hybrid Model (En Espanol)

    As we have communicated in the past few weeks, HJUHSD schools have been on a path to reopen on November 9, 2020. Based on our county numbers and how well we are doing in both positivity rate and case rate, we now know that this date will be our official start date for our Plan B Hybrid Model. In this model students are being divided into two cohorts. These cohorts are being divided by alphabet in order to ensure classes are as evenly split as possible. The only consideration that will be made will be for confirmed siblings who do not share the same last name. No other considerations will be taken when it comes to cohorts. Cohorts will be communicated by sites in the coming week. (Earl F. Johnson and Community Day School are cohorting their students slightly differently to meet the needs of those smaller schools.) 

    • Cohort A will physically attend classes on Mondays and Tuesdays while Cohort B works from home.
    • Cohort B will physically attend classes on Thursdays and Fridays while Cohort A works from home. 
    • All students work from home on Wednesdays.

    *A copy of the actual Bell Schedule is included below

    Our staff has chosen to follow a Synchronous Instructional Model which means that students at school and students at home will log in to Google Classroom and Google Meets simultaneously to receive instruction, complete assignments, see demonstrations, etc. This allows for us to meet distancing guidelines at school, but still maintain instruction for all students which in essence means more instructional time. Teachers will be sharing their specific expectations with students in the following two weeks as we prepare for student return. We will continue to monitor our instructional model weekly and evaluate in December if there will be any significant changes for the second semester. 

    Although there has been some confusion, we want our students and parents to know that we have listened to your concerns and suggestions and have therefore made some adjustments to the Distance Learning Model. If you are one of the parents who completed the request for Distance Learning survey, you will be hearing from your site counselors and administration team next week about your options. Rest assured that regardless of how you filled out the survey, either choosing to go to APEX or if you changed your mind and do not want APEX, you will be receiving a message from your counselors to clarify what your options are including whether you want to move to Hanford Online, Independent Study, or stay in your current classes. Please keep in mind that students who have requested to remain in Distance Learning, but are not attending regularly or performing well from a grade perspective, will not be allowed to continue in regular Distance Learning. Those students are also being contacted to clarify what their options may be. Again, all of these calls begin next week. 

    We also want all students and parents to know that we are taking all precautions necessary to ensure a safe return. Please review all of our safety protocols in our HJUHSD Reopening Plan located on our district website. We have worked closely with our health department to ensure best practices. Here are just a few items in place for your safety.

    • Facial coverings required
    • Small, cohorted classes to allow for distancing
    • Sanitizer and cleaning supplies readily available in all spaces
    • Fogging machines
    • Daily screeners completed by all students at home prior to attending
    • Contact Tracing Protocols
    • Regular testing available and accessible at multiple locations in Hanford 

    Again, please review our reopening plan to review the details on these procedures. 

    Our regular bus routes are being provided to students to come to school on their cohort days. 

    Please continue to listen and watch for communication from the district and school site in the coming weeks as there will be a lot of information coming your way about returning to school. We cannot wait to see you all back again!

     Plan B

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Reopening Plan Compendium for Staff

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