Graduation Requirements

  • HJUHSD offers a variety of ways for students to meet graduation requirements. Each student will work with a counselor to create a plan that best meets the student’s individual needs, goals and abilities. These individual plans will be reviewed and revised at least once a year to ensure students are on track to meet their goals.

    To earn a comprehensive high school diploma, students must complete at least 265 units including specific subject and course requirements. Students may earn a diploma from Earl F. Johnson Continuation High School with a minimum of 70 elective units (total 220) if they meet all other requirements, including attendance at EFJ for the entire Senior year. All HJUHSD students take Core Curriculum courses. Students may be allowed to use alternative means to complete the required course of study. Graduation Requirements are subject to change.

     Graduation Requirements

    To participate in HH/HW/SP graduation ceremonies, students must attend 90% each year. This means students cannot miss more than 18 days per year. The period with the most absences will determine total days absent. 

    Make-up: With prior administrative approval, Saturday School can be used to make up for days already absent, but may not be used as credit for future absences. (5 units of Summer School/College courses earns 12 days attendance; 10 units earns 25 days; max. 25 days per summer.)

    To participate in HH/HW/SP graduation ceremonies, seniors must also have:

    1. Attained the required number of units.
    2. No debts to the school District.
    3. No more than one out-of-school suspension for a major offense during the senior year.*
    4. No time on expulsion in the senior year.
    5. Acceptable citizenship and not be in ineligible at the time of the ceremony. 
    6. No more than two semester F's senior year. 

    No transfer to an alternative program will be accepted in the senior year. *If a student has any behavioral issues during senior year that reflects negatively on themselves or the school, they may be removed from the ceremony. 

    Graduating seniors enrolled at EFJ during the fall or spring semester of the senior year will graduate from EFJ and may participate in that school's graduation ceremony if they meet 1-6 above, including attendance at EFJ for the entire Senior Year. Seniors eligible for graduation from EFJ will not be allowed to transfer back to a comprehensive site during the fall or spring semester of their senior year. 

    Graduation Ceremony Dress Code: Boys will wear dress shirts, ties, slacks and dark socks. Girls: No halter tops or similar dress. Seniors are advised to wear light clothes as it may be hot. No tennis shoes, shorts or blue denim. Do not wear anything that would detract from the dignity of the occasion. Caps and gowns may not be decorated. Administration may set addition restrictions/guidelines. 

    High School Graduation Requirements Exemptions and Waivers: A foster youth, homeless student, former juvenile court school student, migrant child, or child of a military family who transfers into the district any time after completing his/her second year of high school shall be required to complete all graduation requirements specified in Education Code 51225.3 but shall be exempt from any additional district-adopted graduation requirements, unless the Superintendent or designee makes a finding that the student is reasonably able to complete the requirements in time to graduate b the end of his/her fourth year of high school. Within 30 days of the transfer, any such student shall be notified of the availability of the exemption and whether he/she qualifies for it. (Education Cose 51225.1)


Graduation Schedule

  • Hanford High School

  • Hanford West High School

  • Sierra Pacific High School

  • Hanford Online Charter

  • Community Day School

  • Earl F. Johnson Continuation School

  • Hanford Adult School

Stay on top of it

  • Check how your student is doing in regards to credits and attendance by logging into your parent portal account! The instructions are below.

    1. Log into your parent portal account  
    2. In your sidebar click on 'Attendance' to check your student's attendance
    3. In your sidebar click on 'Grades' and then click on 'Graduation Status' to check your student's past classes and credits earned

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