• Kings County Planning Boundary Map Program 

    1. Use the following link to access the HJUHSD boundary map: 
      1. County of Kings Parcel & Services Map Viewer
    2. Click “I agree to above terms and conditions” and “OK” on the County of Kings Parcel & Services Map webpage. 
    3. Click the “Layer List” icon on the top-right Map Viewerbanner. 
      1. Scroll down and click the “□” next to "Schools - HJUHSD Attendance Boundary". 
      2. After the map populates with District boundary colors, close Layer List box. 
    4. To pull up a address: 
      1. Click “Magnifing” icon on top-right Map Viewer banner.
      2. In the Query box that opens, enter address, city, state in the “Find address or place” box.
      3. The program will pull up all options for the address you submitted. Scroll down and click the address you are looking for and that address location will be identified on the map.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.